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The ultimate checklist for 4WD touring

14 January 2022

You’ve made the decision to head off-road and mapped out all the stops along the way, but you’ve yet to decide what to pack for your 4wd touring adventure. At BTA 4WD Centre, we’ve put together a list of some of the most essential items you’ll need to ensure you have a fun, hassle-free, enjoyable trip. You can pop into our 4WD store anytime and stock up.

What to bring on a 4WD trip

Whether you’re a passionate bush basher or you’re heading off the beaten track for the very first time, there are a few things you should think about taking with you when 4WD touring. The minimal list is the basics that you should always carry in your vehicle when off-road. These items are good to have in the vehicle at all times. And you can find most of them at your local 4WD store:

First Aid Kit

Before you put peddle to the metal on your 4WD adventure, take a quick peek inside your first aid kit to make sure you have all the essentials like band-aids, bandages and betadine so you can tend to the little bumps and bruises you might pick up along the way. You might also want to bring along a blanket, cold pack, disposable gloves, scissors and tweezers.

Basic Personal Essentials

When you’re heading away on a 4WD adventure, make sure you pack plenty of water, at least one gallon per person, per day if not more. And when it comes to food, bring food for twice the amount of time you are planning on being gone. For any 4WD trip, you may also like to consider bringing sunblock, a rain jacket, a compass, GPS and water purification tablets. Ask your local 4WD store for more tips and tricks ahead of your 4WD adventure.

Vehicle recovery items

No 4WD adventure is complete without a few essential vehicle recovery items such as a hilift jack, a couple of tow straps, a tree saver, shackles and a shovel. You may also like to consider taking a chainsaw and bar oil, 2 stroke engine oil, spare chain and if you’re heading into the cold country on your 4WD trip, you’ll need snow tire chains for when tires don’t cut it.

Specialty tools

Have you considered your haul of specialty tools ahead of your upcoming 4WD trip? A pair of snap ring pliers, an air pressure gauge, portable air pumps and jumper cables just might save you time, money and delays during your off-road adventure. Your local 4WD store can assist you to find the right tools for the job!

Items to keep your 4WD running

When you’re away from home on your 4WD adventure, and you’re planning on leaving townships behind, the best advice is to make sure you have everything you need to keep your vehicle running between stops. Extra engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and water just might get you out of a bind at some point or other on your 4WD travels. As your local 4WD store, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for!

Ready to head off on your 4WD adventure?

Before you pack your bags, fill up the tank and head off, come in and chat with experienced 4WD experts at BTA 4wd Centre. The name you know and trust, we’ve got plenty of experience in heading off-road and we’ve learned plenty of tips and tricks along the way that we’d love to share with you. Take a look at our fantastic range online. Or give us a call on 02 6686 6344 and talk us through any concerns you may have.

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