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We know exactly what you need if you're looking for the best type of snorkel. Read this for the essentials on 4WD snorkels.

09 November 2021

Do I need to have a snorkel fitted to my 4WD

Do you currently use or plan to use you vehicle in any of these environments or situations. Driving on dirt , sand or gravel, through frequent heavy rain, drive through water crossing or travel in a convoy offroad?
If you thought yes to any of those scenarios than you will benefit from having a good quality snorkel fitting to your vehicle.

What does a 4WD snorkel do?

Anyone who has gone off-roading has likely driven through some difficult terrain – dry desert roads, water crossings and severe rain – putting both vehicle and driver to the test. Safari snorkels are designed to protect our 4WD engines from the dangers of dust and water that are all too typical when going off-road. They move your air intake point from the relatively low and risky position under the bonnet to a higher and safer location with a constant supply of cool, clean and dry air.

Safari ARMAX Snorkels

For those looking for a high-quality product, the ARMAX snorkel is the safari snorkel of choice. The ARMAX is designed to flow 25% to 70% more air than the stock-standard air cleaner housing while still providing a watertight elevated air inlet. This ensures that if you decide to boost the engine performance of your 4WD, the Safari ARMAX Snorkel will provide the necessary airflow. This is the world’s only product of its kind.

Safari V-Spec

The Safari V-Spec is Safari Snorkels’ iconic 4WD snorkel. This device was designed for 4WD enthusiasts who regularly travel long distances off-road where their vehicles may be submerged and driven through fast-flowing creeks/rivers. The Safari V-Spec snorkel allows you to traverse bodies of water safely without risking damage to your vehicle’s air intake system.

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