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Bull bar & vehicle protection

Bull bars & vehicle protection

For every serious 4WD owner, having exterior vehicle protection is essential. At BTA 4WD Centre, we supply and fit top brands of bull-bars, side steps and other vehicle protection fixtures for several makes of vehicles. We also offer expert advice on which options are right for you based on your needs and budget!

What we supply
  • Bull bars

  • Nudge bars

  • Side rails

  • Side Steps

  • Rear bars

  • Under vehicle protection

Our Bull Bar Brands

Offroad Animal

Offroad Animal manufactures products that are designed to function off-road while also being aesthetically pleasing. The brand takes pleasure in designing bullbars that demonstrate that form and function can coexist. Offroad Animal have a range of bullbars for different makes and models, contact our team today to discuss your options.

Rival 4x4

When you acquire a Rival 4x4 bull bar from us, your product is made from high-quality materials that have been thoroughly tested to ensure maximum strength and durability. Whether you face the worst Australian conditions on your next adventure, you can be sure that Rival products will never let you down.


ECB is a name that commands respect. They are one of Australia's leading frontal protection experts, building their reputation as the go-to brand to protect your vehicle. From family cars all the way up to work vans and trucks, there's an ECB bull bar that will suit your needs. We stock an extensive range that covers everything from simple nudge bars right up traditional styled big tube bars, so nothing falls short when it comes protecting your 4WD.

Shoreline 4x4

Shoreline's Extreme Series Bullbars will both enhance and protect the exterior of your vehicle. We supply a range of Shoreline bull bars that provide a sleek appearance to complements your vehicle, provide frontal protection from any contact and enhance approach angles for a better driving experience.

Rad bumper

Rad bumper


Dobinsons bulbars are available at BTA 4WD Centre; their quality of design and construction distinguishes them from their competition. Dobinsons is renowned for producing high-quality aftermarket 4WD accessories, including heavy-duty winch compatible steel bull bars, which are ideal for occupant safety by significantly protecting the vehicle.

MAX 4x4

MAX 4x4 manufactures a collection of Australian-made accessories that will maximise the safety of your vehicle. We supply a range of products by MAX that are made from high-quality materials to ensure you can withstand anything. With a range of 4WD accessories including rear bars, side steps, side rails and front bars, MAX will provide extra insurance against Australia’s harsh outback.


EFS bull bars, side rails and rear bars are specifically designed to suit Australia’s harsh conditions and ensure your vehicle is protected from the elements for many years of use. They are durable enough to withstand Australia's Outback and provide a sturdy foundation for accessories such as winches and off-road lighting systems. Parts from EFS are ordered as needed, contact our team today to discuss your options.

When all you want to do is get out on the open road, you need complete trust in your equipment, which BTA 4WD Centre supplies.

We have what you need to make the most of your adventure, whether you intend on tearing up some tough terrain or taking the scenic route. Our team is dedicated to giving the best service possible to every customer to get you ready for your next off-roading adventure. So, before you go, check in with us to guarantee you're fully outfitted.

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