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Roof racks & awnings

Roof racks & awnings

We carry a wide range of Rhino-Rack roof racks and awning systems that we guarantee will fit your vehicle perfectly. Our inventory also includes the whole line-up of awnings, including Batwing and Sunseeker options.

Roof racks & roof bars


Carrying your skis, kayak or stand-up paddleboard just got a little bit easier. This versatile carrying solution features an integrated rubber strip that offers protection for sensitive surfaces like painted roofs and can prevent scratches when transporting long loads on top of your vehicle.

Heavy Duty

Rhino-Rack's Heavy Duty roof rack system is the perfect tool for carrying your work gear. With its durable and tough construction, it'll fit all of your equipment securely while still keeping them accessible during transit.

Rhino Rack Accessories

We can supply the full range of Rhino Racks huge range of brackets, mounts and various carriers to allow you to secure things to you racks or bars, such as gas bottle holders, bike carriers, kayak carriers, fishing rod holders, recovery track holders, wheel holders, jerry can holders etc . Call in BTA 4WD today or give us a call to find out more about the complete range of Rhino Rack products available.

4WD & car awnings


The Batwing awning is packed with style and function, with 270 degrees of shade and 11sqm coverage this awning will be the perfect addition to any adventure.

Batwing Compact Awning

The Batwing Compact Awning is packed with features designed for ease of use, like its big brother. This awning boasts style, function and is perfect for solo adventurers or couples with small-medium vehicles who want minimal setup processes to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.

Sunseeker 2.0m Awning

With the Sunseeker 2.0m Awning, you can now enjoy the outdoors with your family while staying protected from harmful UV rays under a lovely 4sq m shaded area! Simply mount to your roof rack and roll out this 43-square foot sun shelter for some quality time in nature. Whether you're watching sport or on a camping trip, having a picnic or down by the beach.

Sunseeker 2.5m Awning

You can now enjoy the great outdoors while lounging under your own portable shaded area. Roll out the Sunseeker to create a 5.15sq m / 55 sq ft space for yourself and family members! The UV50+ rating provides protection from harmful sun rays, so it's perfect for camping trips, picnics and lazy days by the beach.

When all you want to do is get out on the open road, you need complete trust in your equipment, which BTA 4WD Centre supplies.

We have what you need to make the most of your adventure, whether you intend on tearing up some tough terrain or taking the scenic route. Our team is dedicated to giving the best service possible to every customer to get you ready for your next off-roading adventure. So, before you go, check in with us to guarantee you're fully outfitted.

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