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BTA 4WD Ballina: Your Top Choice for Vehicle Log Book Services

We understand the significance of your 4WD – it's more than just transportation; it's a companion for your offroad and outback adventures and an essential asset. That's why we offer expert log book services designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly, all while exceeding the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.

Why Choose BTA 4WD Ballina for all your Logbook & General 4WD Vehicle Services?

When you trust us with your vehicle's logbook service and maintenance, you're choosing precision and professionalism. Here's what you can expect:

Comprehensive Care

Our logbook services are carried out as per the Manufacturer’s schedule of maintenance, which generally includes oil and filter changes, brake inspections, fluid level checks, spark plug replacements, and more. Our technicians will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the service and maintainence preformed on your vehicle at the time of service.

Superior Safety

Safety is paramount. Our expert technicians ensure your 4WD is road-ready, addressing wear and tear issues before they escalate.

Enhanced Efficiency

Regular log book services not only prolong your 4WD’s life but also enhance its fuel efficiency. Benefit from cost savings at the pump while reducing your carbon footprint.

Manufacturer-Certified Expertise

We adhere meticulously to your 4WD’s manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule, ensuring that every service aligns precisely with your vehicle’s make and model. Precision is our hallmark.

Don't compromise on your 4WD's maintenance. Trust BTA 4WD Ballina to keep your vehicle performing at its best, both on and off the road. Contact us today to schedule your next log book service appointment and experience the difference of professional care. Your 4WD deserves nothing less!


At BTA 4WD Ballina Service Centre, transparency and customer satisfaction are paramount. When you entrust your vehicle to our experienced mechanics, rest assured that we prioritise your peace of mind. We go the extra mile by providing a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your vehicle.

Should our experienced technicians identify any additional work that is necessary to ensure your vehicle's optimal performance and safety, we will provide you with a detailed quote. This commitment to transparency allows you to make informed decisions about your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs, ensuring that you are always in control of the process.

Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities.

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