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A guide to 4WD upgrades to prepare for your outdoor adventure

10 December 2021

You’ve booked your time off, the itinerary’s mapped out and you’re ready to hit the road! But there’s still one vital thing to do BEFORE you take off. You want to make sure your 4WD is up to scratch and has all the necessary accessories, so you can enjoy the journey ahead, without worry. So how do you prepare for your outdoor adventure? We’ve put together a guide to the ultimate 4WD upgrades you may want to consider.

Highly useful 4X4 upgrades

If you’ve decided you want to see all that Australia has to offer, and you’ve decided to do it by road, the best way to do it is from behind the wheel of a 4X4. The perfect touring 4WD is one that is self-sufficient, capable and comfortable to take yourself, your partner or your whole family off the beaten track for however long you choose to travel for. For some people, this is a weekend here and there, but for others, it’s travelling for extended periods of time. And always remember, the build should suit how you use your 4WD, as that’s the only thing you will matter on your outdoor adventure! There are a few essential 4WD accessories you might want to throw into your upgrades along the way:

What should I upgrade first on a 4X4?

When you’ve had a long, hard day behind the wheel or you’ve been off exploring the wilderness, you want to come back to your 4WD and enjoy some of the creature comforts. To make sure you feel right at home on the road, there are a few essential 4WD upgrades most hardcore 4WD experts like to make:

  1. Make sure your fit out includes room to accommodate meal preparation and cooking essentials like a gas burner and refrigeration
  2. Tailor your 4WD upgrade to create comfortable sleeping arrangements that are quick and easy to set up. Whether it’s a swag tucked away in storage, a rooftop tent or a ground tent for camping.
  3. Your 4WD fit out might like to include a snorkel. Not only great for a few river crossings, a snorkel also improves air intake across dusty terrain. Ultimately leading to better fuel economy.
  4. When performing your 4WD fit out, lights are an essential safety upgrade. Standard factory lights may not be enough when you’re in wide open spaces in the outback. To give yourself a more extensive field of vision for night off roading, get yourself a halogen spotlight or light bar.

How do I get more power out of my 4X4 when I’m headed for rough terrain?

Going off the beaten track can be gruelling on your vehicle. And the last thing anyone wants is to be caught out when you’ve gone off the grid. To give yourself peace of mind and to ensure you have the power needed to get yourself out of trouble, the best advice is to book in for a check and service with your local 4WD specialist before you leave. That way they can suggest any 4WD upgrades you may have missed.

Whether you’re looking to have your 4WD upgraded for the great outdoors, or serviced for suburbs, our team at BTA 4WD Centre is here to help. Chat us through your request either over the phone 02 66 86 6344, or send us an email to . Why not take a look at our fantastic range of products and services online?

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