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18 May 2022

What is a GVM and GCM?

GVM is your car’s ‘gross vehicle mass’, which tells you what the maximum weight your car is allowed to be. GCM is “Gross Combined Mass, the total maximum weight your vehicle and trailer/van or boat can weigh.

How to find your car’s GVM and GCM

You will usually find your vehicle’s GVM on the compliance plate, which is commonly found in the driver’s door opening or in the owner’s manual. Your GCM can usually be found on a label fitted to the car or in the vehicle manual.

Why is a GVM and GCM upgrade important?

GVM & GCM upgrades are critical for the safe operation of loaded vehicles and to remain legal. Suspension upgrades are required and in some cases, a brake and towing equipment upgrade as well. The upgraded equipment is designed to carry the additional load and not place undue wear and tear on the vehicle in doing so. Not all vehicles qualify for these upgrades so check in with suitably experienced and qualified suppliers of these services like BTA before setting up your vehicle.

Exceeding your maximum GVM is easier than you think

Car manufacturers have delivered relatively low original GVM value to their vehicles. Just putting in luggage along with fuel, plus 3-4 adults can make you exceed your standard GVM. 

Upgrading your GVM may allow you to…

  • Tow a caravan.
  • Fit all the accessories you will need for a trip
  • Generally, add more weight to your ride in a safe, compliant and legal way.

Want to know more?

Speak to our expert team at BTA 4WD Centre – Ballina, NSW and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Give us a call on (02) 6686 6344 and ask us to book your upgrade.

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