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What you should know about 4WD tow bars

03 November 2022

Tow bars are an essential part of any 4WD vehicle that is used for towing heavy loads, such as caravans and boats. These bars function by securely attaching the trailer to the back of your 4WD, ensuring that it doesn’t become detached while in transit. There are several key things to know about 4WD tow bars, including their different types, their associated benefits and drawbacks and how to properly install and use them.

Fixed & removable tow bar systems

The first thing to understand about 4WD tow bars is that they come in a variety of different types. These include fixed bar systems, which lock in place without the need for specialised hardware, as well as removable bar systems, which can be installed and removed more easily.

While these different types each have their own advantages and disadvantages, both are designed to provide an effective connection between your vehicle and whatever you are towing.

Towing capacity

It is important to note, some 4WD’s may not able to tow as much weight as others. 4WD tow bars or Class 4 towbars, are designed for towing applications up to 3.5 tonnes. It’s best to seek expert advice to find out what weight your vehicle can safely tow.

Distributing the load

Another important thing to consider when using 4WD tow bars is their potential benefits and drawbacks. For example, one major benefit of these bars is that they help distribute the load across your vehicle’s axle joints more evenly.

What to watch out for

Tow bars may add weight and wind resistance onto your 4WD’s chassis, reducing fuel efficiency and potentially putting strain on other components over time.

Add to your adventure

Overall, 4WD tow bars are excellent for bringing boats or caravans along with you on your adventure. They can help take your holiday experience to the next exciting level.

Want to know more?

Speak to our friendly team at BTA 4WD Centre – Ballina, NSW and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and book your 4WD in and have a new tow bar installed. Give us a call on (02) 6686 6344 today.

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